Poem of the Week: “Let Go”

This week, I share a weekly poem from my poetry collection.

Please feel free to share the Photo Poem image, or just the words (in your own card / letter) with your loved ones—I only ask that you please acknowledge the poetess.


About This Week’s Poem:

My poem, entitled “Let Go”, was composed in an attempt to end my “suffering” over the unquenchable desire that I felt for something, which I thought I wanted, but which I instinctively knew I could never actually have. I knew that the object of my desire was unattainable precisely because if I reached it, it would transform into something else. Because what I really wanted was the state of desire—and desire is ultimately fleeting, requiring discontentment, which results in suffering. I used this moment as an opportunity to capture in a poem the philosophy by which I currently live my life. I have been cultivating this philosophy over the past several years, and it is working for me: I feel content.

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