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  1. I like your description of yourself too. Too often we define ourselves as just one thing – most often work but also by our roles (girlfriend, mother, daughter). There is so much that defines us.

    • Thank you, Diana, for sharing your thoughts. I came up with this description when I needed to make myself some business cards for a writing event, at the last minute, and I didn’t have much time to think it to death or to try to brand myself. I rather liked what I came up with: Writer. Traveller. Food Lover. Engineer. – so I am using it again here. Try it sometime. What combination of 3-5 words would you use to try to capture your essence with?…

  2. I love the photo. It’s beautiful and so are you. I also love the simplicity and authenticity of your description.


  3. Your photo and accompanying words are so complex and powerful. I’m impressed, but not at all surprised, at your depth.

    Sending so much love.

    • Thank you very much, Sarah, for your feedback and generous support. Thank you also for viewing my website. Sending much love to you as well.

  4. should it not rather read “poetresse” as it derives from Poetry rahter than “poetess”, a typo?

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