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My book is about my life and the events that compelled me to share my story. It is also a universal story: about recognising one’s inner wisdom; about the courage to face life’s challenges; about gratitude for the experiences that shape us; and about reconnecting with one’s inextinguishable human spirit that, when pushed to the limit, perseveres and makes amazing things happen.

Maggie's Thorny Rose Tattoo

Maggie’s Thorny Rose Tattoo

My story unfolds in a few major threads:

It describes how, after two decades of living with a neurological condition called dystonia—that affects my movement and my speech—I defied medical wisdom by reinventing the way that I speak and retraining myself to speak in this dramatically improved way.

It recounts the surprising way in which a breast cancer diagnosis drove me to make these improvements in my dystonia condition.

These events are further set against the backdrop of my growing up in Communist Poland; my subsequent coming-of-age as an immigrant to Canada; and my becoming a civil-environmental engineer.

All the while enjoying life to the fullest, to the best of my abilities.

Throughout my story, I share how I learned to recognise the clues from each challenging experience as potential solutions to subsequent ones, and how I appreciate each and every one of these experiences as a gift, no matter how challenging, unpleasant, or disguised each has been..

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