Back in Undecidedly Sunny Vancouver

The Writer's Vancouver Public Library Office

The Writer’s Vancouver Public Library Office

After hearing all the raving about record-breaking weeks of sunshine in Vancouver, rain and clouds greet me for a few days upon my return for 3 more weeks of the in-town portion of my Book Writing Tour 2013. And after spending a couple of days getting caught up on the more mundane tasks of life that sometimes unfortunately take precedence over writing, I settle back into my Tuesday and Friday Pilates classes routine at the YMCA, resume my Saturday morning farmers market circuit, and once again return to the Vancouver Public Library for some concerted writing time.

"Hamlet" (With a Twist) Outdoor Theatre Performance

“Hamlet” (With a Twist) Outdoor Theatre Performance

My first Artist Date back in Vancouver is an outdoor performance of Hamlet (with a twist) at Granville Island’s Carousel Theatre for Young People and its Teen Shakespeare Program. The twist involves my preferred portion of the colour palette: black & white costumes, in steampunk style, and reversed gender roles, with Hamlet being a girl and the queen dying instead of the king. In true Shakespearean fashion, though, and most reflective of life itself, everyone still dies in the end.

Tomato, Bocconcini and Red Wine Balcony Lunch

Tomato, Bocconcini and Red Wine Balcony Lunch

While enjoying my tri-coloured tomato, bocconcini, basil and cilantro salad and sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on my sunny balcony one afternoon, I am inspired to plant some new life around me in the herb containers that lay abound. I march over to the local artsy garden shop, where I get just a little over-ambitious. Picking up the 40L bag of topsoil as it is the same price as the 25L bag, I just barely drag the >20kg of dirt over the 2 blocks that it is to my apartment. It will be a few weeks till there is something to show from the planting effort.

Herb Garden Planting Contemplations Over Quinoa Salad and BBQ'd Salmon

Herb Garden Planting Contemplations Over Quinoa Salad and BBQ’d Salmon

While at the said artsy garden shop down on Hornby and Pacific, I make a stunning discovery: the Desigual brand has been getting sold here for nearly a year! I wondered when the fashion that I have been introduced to in Europe, and which I feature in the London Calling story stepping out of the distinctive red phone booth, would find its way to Vancouver!

Taking My Writing for a Bike Ride and Ice Cream to English Bay

Taking My Writing for a Bike Ride and Ice Cream to English Bay

With only 3 more weeks to go before returning to regularly scheduled programming at my paid job with NRCan, having spent more than a few days in transit and settling in over the course of my Book Writing Tour 2013, I try to play a little catch-up by writing on the BC Day Long Weekend. With the sunny weather enticing, one afternoon I take my writing on a bike ride and for some ice cream to the beach at English Bay.

I happily reconnect with my Developmental Editor by Skype once more, and with this 1-hour call, we resume our bi-weekly check-in and moral support sessions. This website’s blog has been a good surrogate for the last 2 months, though I am glad to have both now. Now that I will be more stationary and soon my writing time will be once again dramatically reduced, while I spend my days earning my keep at my day-job, I contemplate the frequency with which I will continue motivating myself to do interesting and inspirational things in order to keep myself writing and to have some fresh insights to post here. My weekly semi-public recounts of my writing efforts, motivations, and life experiences, from my travels throughout Europe and in Ontario during my Book Writing Tour 2013, have been very morally supportive and motivating for keeping my good and wanting moments in perspective.

I am also back with my Special Dish for the Week routine, and in keeping with the Watermelon theme, I make a Watermelon Curry.

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  1. Funny again and well written! Sounds like good to be back in Vanny. Plus now Desigual there as a perk! Good luck with the writing.

    • Great! Let me know how it turns out, and perhaps email me a photo. Watch your fingers on the knife as you pare away the skin – the tip of my finger got it pretty bad yesterday while paring some for my smoothie 🙂

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