Boobs Book Signing Party at Friends For Life

Maggie’s Boobs Book ‘Signing’, Poetry Reading & Friends For Life Community Engagement Party Notice

Maggie’s Boobs Book ‘Signing’, Poetry Reading & Friends For Life Community Engagement Party Notice

See about Maggie’s story below.

You’re invited to my book ‘signing’ (Maggie’s way) party for the Boobs anthology, in which my story, “Reclaiming My Thorns”, is published. You will experience ‘readings’ (recitals) from the book as well as poetry to music, while getting yourself acquainted with Friends For Life (FFL or ‘the house’ and some of its members), which supports those of us diagnosed with life threatening conditions.

You will be greeted at ‘the house’ with several treats for your senses: refreshments for the palate, music and lyrics for the ears, photo poem postcards and pictures as visuals, and lots of love for the soul!

Maggie / Margota 'Reading' from "Reclaiming My Thorns" in Boobs Book

Maggie / Margota ‘Reading’ from “Reclaiming My Thorns” in Boobs Book

This event is intended to engage the greater community around Friends For Life (beyond the current members) through mingling and seeing the interior of this beautiful heritage house in the West End at 1459 Barclay Street.

I would love to host about 15-30 guests* — and I ask for a small RSVP donation to help cover the costs of the event and give a donation to the organization, with an option to pre-pay if you wish to purchase your copy of Boobs ($25 per copy). I will have a few extra copies at the event.

* guests include current and potential FFL members, and individuals living with and without life threatening condition diagnoses

Saturday June 4, 2016

Greetings @7:00pm
First ‘reading’ @7:30pm — from the Boobs book
Second ‘reading’ @8:30pm — poetry
Farewell by 9:30pm

Please RSVP at:
(by invitation – please email me to receive yours)

If you have any questions, please see FAQs on invitation at Eventbrite or email me.

I look forward to spending a lovely evening with you!

Please feel free to follow my writing journey at

About Maggie’s “Reclaiming My Thorns” Story:

Maggie's Thorny Rose Tattoo

Maggie’s Thorny Rose Tattoo

In her story, “Reclaiming My Thorns”, Maggie Wojtarowicz (who writes as ‘Margota’), likens her life to a rose whose thorns are the challenges she has experienced.

Having lived with a movement condition that was diagnosed as dystonia when she was a child, Maggie navigated through her teens with her body increasingly restricting her ability to speak, be still, or move, without attracting unsolicited commentary – while surviving the well-intentioned but misguided treatments of her uniqueness. Believing the medical wisdom of the time, that her condition could not be organically improved, Maggie persevered in her desire to practice as a Professional Engineer, while moving on her own at 24 from Ontario out to Vancouver, BC.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her mid-thirties and lost both breasts, she gained valuable insight that led her to retraining herself to speak without triggering the dystonic spasms. As part of her newly reconstructed cleavage, Maggie also acquired a rose tattoo to remind herself that even a thorny life can be beautiful.

Drawing on the stark contrast between her experiences with her cancer condition – invisible unless she chooses to share it – and her very visible neurological condition, Maggie reconceptualizes her thorny challenges to have a gentler and more forgiving side to them. Using humour, Maggie diffuses the sombreness of her conditions and shares her newly gained perspective for living an even richer life.

The story was recently published by Caitlin Press in an anthology entitled Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts.

More on Maggie’s story publication and book availability.

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