Maggie’s Way Miracle-Working Magic Hour

If you like, please join me and others in my healthocracy, and let’s help me keep alive and living!!

The Writer Taking a Life-Affirming Walk

In my previous update post, The Next Adventure in Maggie’s Odyssey of Thorny Roses, I asked that we all help me keep focus on the stories of longevity and recovery while directing thoughts and prayers of good will and support my way.

Thank you to all who shared stories of recovery from and longevity with advanced illness diagnoses. Thank you for offers of treats, errand-assists, and hearing me on what I might find helpful from those wishing me well.

I would now like to propose “Maggie’s Way Miracle-Working Magic (MWaMWoM) Hour”, within our respective time zones, to help connect us in a healing exchange.

We can meet energetically, in thoughts, prayers and chanting, somewhere out in the universe—in a “Divine Intervention” or “distance Reiki energy healing” kind of way:

  • me as the receiver of healing intention;
  • all those who wish to send me 2 – 20 minutes of healthy intention.

Proposed MWaMWoM Hour Meeting Time:

  • 9 AM Vancouver / West Coast of North America (PST / UTC-8)
  • 10 AM Alberta (MST / UTC -7)
  • 12 PM Ontario (EST / UTC -5
  • 5 PM London / UK (GMT / UTC +0)
  • 6 PM Western & Eastern Europe (France, Germany, Poland) (CET / UTC +1)

Your Task:

  • At about the designated hour within your time zone, if you would like to, please spend a few minutes adding your thought-, prayer-, and chanting-energy to the universal channel directed at helping me heal—let’s call it frequency 101.

My Task:

  • I will open my consent veil around me during the designated hour within my Vancouver time zone, and let what health intention energy is flowing in the universe—including along frequency 101—to help my body do its healing magic..

I look forward to connecting for MWaMWoM Hour on the universal energy channel 101 🙂

Trusting life to do its thing.

3 thoughts on “Maggie’s Way Miracle-Working Magic Hour

  1. Hi Maggie, are you doing this every day or only on specific days? Thanks. Sending love and healing thoughts, Nancy

    • Dear Nancy,

      Any day, every day, I shall be receiving… <3

      Please feel free to add your life-affirming energies, thoughts and prayers, as often as you like -- and whenever you remember! The miracle-working magic on the universal energy channel 101 shall reach me in due course 😉


  2. Malgosiu, I think about you EVERY day, at random times, and send positive energy your way. My thoughts and prayers travel to you often… Love
    Ciocia Basia

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