Poem of the Week: “Beauty Destroyed, Essence Relinquished”

Over the next few weeks, I would like to share a weekly poem from my poetry collection as I try out some ideas for sharing my work more widely. Please feel free to leave a comment below or send me private feedback about the poem, its presentation (graphics), and this sharing concept.

About This Week’s Poem:

My poem, entitled “Beauty Destroyed, Essence Relinquished”, appears as part of my “Life Choices” collection submitted to the 2015 CBC Canada Writes Poetry Contest*. This poem was originally composed in 2014 in response to another CBC Canada Writes Poetry Contest that challenged Canadians to take a proverbial Shakespearean selfie in the form of a contemporary soliloquy. Mine developed into a Shakespearean anti-cancer visualisation soliloquy, the story of which I captured in a creative nonfiction piece, entitled “The Telling of the Essence”that I submitted to the 2015 CBC Canada Writes Creative Nonfiction Contest*.

(Please CLICK on the image for a larger version.)

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: “Beauty Destroyed, Essence Relinquished”

  1. This takes me into your mind, into one of the many ways you likely approach the cancer. Its terrifying to me in its medical terminology, making it all the more real. But then its the reality of the soliloquy that I imagine gives the visualization its focus and precision, like a laser beam zapping 100% of the tumour, and bringing the body back to balance.

    • Thank you very much, Ees, for letting me know your reflections on my poem.

      I agree that the medical terminology at the outset of the poem can feel terrifying, and hence, in part, why my vision of what more loving can be happening inside my body evolved in my mind as the poem advances and concludes.

      My creative nonfiction story, http://maggiesway.ca/nonfiction/15-02-28-The_Telling_of_the_Essence.pdf, captures more explicitly that evolution of my thinking and how I go about re-focusing my energies from scientific confusion to loving healing 🙂

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