Update from Maggie’s Family

Update from Maggie’s Family

Thanks to the amazing love and support you all have shown Maggie in the last few days, she felt much better today and decided to postpone her medical (and natural) death!

We don’t know how much longer Maggie will be with us, but despite the pain she’s in, Maggie is trying to enjoy all the time she does have.

So, keep those positive thoughts, texts, emails and short visits coming!

We’re encouraging Maggie not to reply to everyone as that would be too taxing for anyone to take on, but know that all your efforts are making a difference!

We will send out another update upon Maggie’s passing. Till then, we’ll do what Maggie inspires everyone around her to do: enjoy every moment.

14 thoughts on “Update from Maggie’s Family

  1. Thank you for taking the time to update us. We are with Maggie and yourselves in spirit always, and respect and honour her journey and choices. I am so glad that, at least for now, she is feeling better. Much love to Maggie.

  2. MAGGIE!!!!!!! Sooooo very thankful to the Lord that you are still with us. My prayer group and I we are praying for you for comfort and strength to enjoy life as much as you can. LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  3. Thanks God!
    I’m so unbelievably glad you’re staying Maggie! Even though I’ve never had a chance to meet you. Well who knows… I can only imagine what joy it must be to your nearest and dearest!
    And I’m going to pray for a miracle and for your new bright future. Maybe you ‘re right there is a slim chance. But that’s what miracles are about, aren’t they? And… we’ve just seen the first small one – you’ve shown amazing bravery changing your mind and taking another turn. Congrats! You are wonderful!
    With love,

  4. Maggie, very happy to hear that you’re feeling better and are still with us!
    I will keep praying for you, your health and family!

    The UofW 20 year reunion is at the end of the month – it would be great to facetime with you then if that’s not too big of an ask – a bunch of us are getting together!

    Keep enjoying the beautiful things in life!


  5. Maggie

    I am very happy to hear that you are feeling better and staying longer with us!

    It was a great pleasure getting to know you and work with you since you were always positive. Thank you.

    With you in spirit always.



  6. Hi Maggie,

    I’m glad you are feeling better. It was great to see you at your celebration on Sept. 5. Although I did not work closely with you (at NRCan), I enjoyed our conversations, and I enjoyed reading your blog and your poetry (I saved one of your poems on my iPhone so that I can read it when I need a boost to the spirit). I think you are an awesome writer.

    Wishing you the best,


  7. Dearest Maggie,

    I am thinking of you all the time and praying. I know you as a wise young lady and I trust your judgement completely. I think Mamunia’s mashed potatoes worked a little.

    I enjoyed our visit so much in that it confirmed the bond we had established in our environmental work and beyond. I have read a lot of your writing since and love it and will re-read it of course.
    I cherish meeting Dorothy and the very nice visit with Mamunia, and relatives on the patio. Solid Polish stock for sure! You have priceless support pillars there.

    Take care my friend,


    Barbara D.

  8. Hi Maggie,

    Here and now, my thoughts are with you. I just moved to the Island with my family over the summer so I just heard. I’ve enjoyed and cherish our conversations about life in our quiet corner of our office space we shared at the GSC ;). Find the place inside where there’s joy and that’s where you’ll be, as always seeking your bliss as you have throughout your life.

    Take care Maggie with love,

  9. Maggie,
    You are such a strong, compassionate person. I have always appreciated the way you engage with passion and great thought, always true to your principles and values. In the many years you have volunteered for APEGBC it has been clear that you are a driving force, particularly for DAWEG and the Sustainability Committee. The guidance and hard work you provided to each of these groups directly and positively impacted the direction of these important issues and the efforts of your work can still be seen today. I remain in awe of your strength, passion and heart. Take care my friend.
    Janet Sinclair

  10. Hi Maggie,

    I hope you are still feeling okay and finding enjoyment each day.

    I have enjoyed reading your chapter in the book you collaborated on (which I just bought last week) very much.

    I’m glad you have the love and support of family and friends with you.


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